I love apps. Well, I love good apps. I hate ugly, IAP-laden, poorly-designed apps. If I find a quality app with a beautiful UI, I buy it, sometimes just because it's gorgeous, and I’ve purchased many.

What I hate, is following an app in development: through awesome landing pages, beta sign-ups, waiting in ernest to see it hit the market, buying it at full price on day one, learning it’s every feature, enjoying every pixel, weaving it into my digital lifestyle, then, in far too many cases, watching it fizzle into obscurity. So...

Dear App Developers,

You’ve killed an app I loved, and I am not happy about it. I understand there can be any number of underlying factors as to why an app is left to die. In my experience, however, most of them are bullshit.

If you decide to enter the tawdry world of app development, you know what you’re getting into. Don't pretend you don't. You conceptualize, design, build, and market your gorgeous, hopefully useful, beta-tested gem, then release it to much fanfare.

After the initial whiz-bang wears off, you see your cash flow diminish because it really wasn’t finished but you had to release it since your wicked-awesome web site said you would. You took the first pile of dough you made and paid off your 2009 Audi and the the guy who did your graphics because he’s moving back to Uzbekistan.

Adding insult to injury, you leave your app to languish in the app store to grow stale like a loaf of 9-grain bread. Your Twitter account tells people that some awesome updates and bug-fixes may be coming after the first of the year.

Or maybe you’re the diamond-in-the-rough that Wal•mart Google thinks is the next killer app (or just doesn’t like the competition) and offers to buy you out for $6.8 billion dollars. You post a nice blog entry on your web site that you’ll no longer be able to continue developing your app, tell everyone how sorry you are and thank them for supporting you, but this opportunity is super-exciting and is going to be way better than trying to sell apps to you lowly peasants.

Insincere. Save it. Congrats, you're a jackass.

Overtrusting customer

The List

This list below contains once incredible apps that I really, really enjoyed. I'm assuming they took hundreds if not thousands of hours of toil, sweat, and money in development. In fairness, the list is provided in no specific order thus masking my raging disappointment in what many of these developers have done with their incredible apps. Some are guilty of what I've spewed about and some are not. Tough shit. If you are one of the developers listed below and are a little butthurt, feel free to chime in and defend yourself. I have also listed the price for each app showing the total amount of money I wasted spent.

Title Price Developer Reason Platform
Astronut $1.99 The Iconfactory Lazy iOS
Astronut for iPad $1.99 The Iconfactory Lazy iOS
Frenzic $2.99 The Iconfactory Lazy iOS
Wallet $2.99 Acrylic Software Abandoned for Facebook iOS
Wallet $19.99 Acrylic Software Abandoned for Facebook Mac OS
Pulp $9.99 Acrylic Software Abandoned for Facebook Mac OS
Car Tunes $4.99 Ryan Oksenhorn Lazy iOS
Gowalla $0 Josh Williams Acquired by Facebook iOS
Sparrow $2.99 Dom Leca Acquired by Google iOS
Sparrow $9.99 Dom Leca Acquired by Google Mac OS